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Learn more about our conveying systems and other material handling products: tubular chain conveyors, clean in place system, lump breaker, and more.

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Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors

Featuring a wide variety of arrangements, our Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors are some of the most efficient and reliable material handling systems in the world. USDA accepted designs!

We can transport a variety of materials including construction, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, and food products.

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Automatic Bag Slitters

Luxme’s automatic bag slitters are a great addition to your tubular chain conveying system. They comes in three models and open bags of almost any material and size. Ask us about our sanitary food-grade design.

Minilux® Series

TBS 1000 / 3000 Series

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Clean-in-Place Washing System (CIP)

Luxme’s Clean in Place System or CIP is a great addition to any tubular chain conveyor. Specifically design to decontaminate and maintain your system, it is a must for businesses processing food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other products that require high standards of sanitation and cleanliness.

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Rotary Inline Blender – Luxmix®

Luxmix® allows you to mix or blend several products or materials in a gentle and homogeneous manner without compromising their physical or chemical integrity.

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Lump Breaker

Our Lump Breaker is the easiest way to reduce the size of a product or material. It doesn’t degrade or grind your product thus maintaining its integrity.

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Cooling Conveyors

If you need to keep your product cool or lower its temperature while conveying it, Luxme’s tubular chain cooling conveyor is right the answer to your business needs.

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